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Sign my guestbook!


Alas, again members have special priviledges.
little-b says... Weeeeeeeeeee
2006-08-10 11:44:08   [ip: ]
First guestbook entry in a year!!! We all need to get back to actually signing these things, or else having Dave get rid of them. :D
ShaShaBoo says... I need to sign.........
2005-08-04 11:12:31   [ip:]
AJI`S GUESTBOOK! its a MUST to sign your gbook [; hehehee. HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO[=
poseidon says... hey hey hey
2004-09-18 01:48:49   [ip:]
i like your weblog site, nice use of fonts. i probably oughta put some better fonts in mine. so youre doing yearbook club? its been a while since i did all that stuff! university is... very fun... but takes up lots and lotsa ur time... which isnt so fun... but its interesting i guess... something u can look forward to i guess! anyway, i hope your alergies clear up! flonase and claratin... hmmm my mom is a pharmacist actually... hahahaha ADIOS!
ironandwine says... Yello
2004-09-06 05:00:37   [ip:]
Yello. Oh, btw.. The original site for salad fingers is fat-pie.com .. There's lots of nifty little cartoons.. They make me giggle. The guy who makes them is my idol.. well.. not really.. but ... I made you think he was for a second there. So, yea.. I was here.. and now.. *poof* (i'm gone)
dis1girl says... you're a strange one..
2004-08-03 07:43:50   [ip:]
^^ kidding about the subject! Well I guess I should say "thanks" for signing my guestbook? ok then, I will.. THANKS! And of course I feel special that you remember my username.. it's not that hard to remember.. "dis1girl..." lol Well I just wanted to sign yours because it feels kind of desolate in here!!! *echos* HELLLLOOOOOO... hmm.. I guess I'm done for now because I don't want this to be a looooong thing in your guestbook... I'll talk to you later!! ps. If ice craem melts, is it still called ice cream?? later! -tiff
scully says... Clock
2004-04-27 04:33:07   [ip:]
Hey! Thanks for leaving comment in my guestbook! But I duno how to put that in my blog~ Can you help me?
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